D365/PowerApps:- How to Connect Business Central with PowerApps

Hello Techies/Readers,

This blog will teach you How to connect Business Central Data in Power Apps.

Check below step by step process.

Step 1:- 

Go to the home.dynamics.com and then Open PowerApps.

Step 2:-

Now as you can see in below image, we are on the home page of PowerApps, if you have good knowledge of PowerApps then you can directly create PowerApps by clicking on the options under "Make Your Own App" and if you are beginner then skip this step and follow Step 3.

Step 3:-

If you want to connect your data with in-built Microsoft provided sample app then choose "Other Data Sources".

Step 4:-

Now click on + New Connection and select "Business Central".

Step 5:-

As you can see in below image, we have created connection with business central, now PowerApps asking us to choose the Environment (Data Set).

Step 6:-

After selecting the environment PowerApps asking us to choose entity to create demo app. For this example, we have chosen vendors Entity/Table.

That's it, we are done with our first sample app, now see how it looks like.


As you can see in below image, PowerApps created one demo application for us with the entity vendor.

This one was demo app where I demonstrate to connect Business central data with Power Apps, now based on that I have created one proper Power App in which I have used Business center Role center, List and Card page of Vendors, Purchase orders and Purchase Invoice and Inventory modules.

You can say Business Central Important modules integrated with Power Apps.

I know you are thinking that how we can integrate this, correct?? don't worry I will explain this in my next Blog meanwhile you just checkout this exclusive sneak peek.

Entry Level Page:

Home Page (Role Center):

List Page of Vendors:

Card page of Vendor:

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