D365 Business Central Tech Series- Setup VS code and Deploy Extension

D365 Business Central Tech Series

Welcome to DynamicPower101 Club, We have Started Dynamics 365 Business Central Technical Series, in this event our topic is "Getting Started with AL Language".


#1 "How to Setup Visual Studio Code? "
-->How to Download?"
--> How to Installed mandatory Extension for development.

#2 "How to connect Visual Studio Code with Business Central?"
-->How to Download the symbols to connect business central with visual studio for development purpose.

#3 "Which are the files mandatory for Develop a project?"
--> launch.json

#4 "How we can store information of Extension?"
-->App ID
-->Version of app."

#5 "How to publish extension to the environment?"
--->Manually and Directly from Visual Studio Code.
--->Deployment Status"

  D365 Technical Series, Event#1

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